Enrique to unleash magic on Wenger

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Attacking trio will be unstopabble


Barcelona's Luis Enrique has warned Arsenal ahead of their Champions League last 16 tie at Emirates stating that his attacking trio will be magical.
Luis Enrique said he does not have to say much to his attacking players for them to do as expected.

“I just say “abracadabra” before the game and then the magic happens.”

“That’s all I say. Honestly, I always work very hard and I’ve always had the chance to have good strikers in my squad. To be honest, it’s simple. In most situations you don’t even have to wish them to do something - they are already doing it.” said Enrique.

Enrique says that Lionel Messi has improved this season regardless of the position he plays in the attack.

“Last season he was unbelievable. He did pretty much everything. He scored, he made defensive sacrifices, he assisted at the same level or even better. My players are capable of bettering themselves constantly.

“Lionel Messi, whenever he goes back into midfield becomes the best midfielder. When he plays as a striker, he can be a really good scorer.

“Now he plays on the wing but has the freedom to create superiority in certain areas of the pitch and he is our leader.” said Enrique.

Meanwhile Neymar has clarified that they want to be the first team to retain the Champions League.

“We want to be the first team to retain the Champions League. Already so many players in this Barcelona team have been involved in writing history, and if we are able to retain the Champions League then we will be writing a little bit more.

“Barcelona is about so much more than myself, Leo, and Luis, but of course I love the relationship we have.

“We are achieving special things on the field, and our friendship off the field plays a big part in that.

“None of us is concerned about personal glory. Who scores, who assists, who wins individual awards, it does not matter. All that matters is what Barcelona can achieve, and we are believing for another very special season.” said Neymar.

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- We want to be the first team to retain the Champions League.
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