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Best Tipsters.

1. Rato Maricic

Profit: 76.43 Uts

2. John Taylor

Profit: 33.03 Uts

3. Felix Mayer

Profit: 22.22 Uts

4. Bryn Walsh

Profit: 3.67 Uts

5. wakyman

Profit: 3.37 Uts

6. Milan Nikolevic

Profit: -0.16 Uts

7. rockakat

Profit: -12.89 Uts

8. Lukas Hubert

Profit: -15.43 Uts

9. scoop7

Profit: -16.76 Uts

10. Jakub Nowak

Profit: -18.03 Uts

11. Spiros Georgious

Profit: -31.85 Uts

12. Michael Martins

Profit: -60.86 Uts


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