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Mata, Costa miss out on Euro 2016

Mata, Costa miss out on  Euro 2016Manchester United's Midfielder Juan Mata, Chelsea's striker Diego Costa, Arsenal's midfielder Santi Carzola, and surprisingly Atletico Madrid's striker Fernando Torres are among the big names that have ... more

England chances for EURO title

England chances for EURO titleI think only few neutral observers belive that England has some chance realisticly for holding title in this year EURO before this friendlies and after Germany friendly ... more

USA to host Copa America 2016

USA to  host Copa America 2016 The Copa America 2016 tournament will be staged for the first time ever outside the South American Football Confederation's territory with the United States of America the ... more

Are Manchester United real title contenders

Are Manchester United real title contendersManchester United managed to cling onto their title contention with a 3-0 victory at Goodison Park.
The Red devils made key summer signings under Louis Van Gaal but ... more

Arsenal gets boost in Cavani chase

Arsenal gets boost in Cavani chaseArsenal's manager angered lots of fans for failing to sign a striker during the summer transfer window despite having a long list of targets that included Edison ... more

Where Madrid went wrong on De Gea

Where Madrid went wrong on De GeaThe 24 year old Spanish international, David De Gea has been a long target for Real Madrid as he was lined to replace Iker casillas in goal ... more

Spain EURO champions, good joke

Spain EURO champions, good jokeI think noone that looked yesterday match between Spain and Romania will no make any bet that would be even little ... more

Petr Cech - Arsenal still title contender

Petr Cech - Arsenal still title contenderPetr Cech belives that things can look much different if only Arsenal won two maches played in next days. 5 points ... more

Hot star - Marcus Rashford

Hot star - Marcus RashfordMarcus Rashford, 18-year-old Manchester United teenager scored double in two matches one after another. First he scored twice in Europa League ... more

Chelsea agree with Antonio Conte

Chelsea agree with Antonio ConteItalia newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport has revealed that 46 year old Italy's manager Antonio Conte has agreed a deal in ... more

Fernando Gago still know some tricks

Fernando Gago still know some tricksEx Real Madrid star Fernando Gago still know some good tricks and he show one good dribble in match between Boca ... more

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